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What you have is all His Gift to you.What you do with what you have is your Gift to Him ...

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Amrutham Samskritham 4 Photos

District Level Geeta Competition 1 Photos

State Level Geeta Chanting Competition 1 Photos

Satsang for the non teaching staff - 27/12/2021 8 Photos

Christmas Celebration KG 16 Photos

Gita Shibiram 4 Photos

Thiruvathira Fest held on 19 th December 2021 4 Photos

Farmers Day KG 10 Photos

National Mathematics Day KG 12 Photos

Participation certificates - "Eklavya Series" 7 Photos

District Level Githa Chanting Competition 1 Photos

Admit Card Distribution std X and XII 8 Photos

Participants - Reading Challenge 11 Photos

Constitution Day 4 Photos

Recipients of Himalayan Wood Badge certificate. 3 Photos

Karthika Deepam Celebration- Kg 18 Photos

Maths Training Programme for Teachers 3 Photos

Children's Day 21 Photos

National Achievement Survey 3 Photos

Read India Challenge 2 Photos

Vidya Daan Foundation Slogan Writing 6 Photos

Yellow Day(Junior K G) 19 Photos

Foundation Day 16 Photos

Deepavali Celebration 2021 20 Photos

Praveshanothsavam 8 Photos

Kerala Piravi Celebration Kg section 20 Photos

Satsang 18 Photos

Participants of Digital Online Security and Safety. 6 Photos

Global Handwashing Day KG section 8 Photos

World Students Day 8 Photos


Nava Poojanam - Navratri Celebrations 2021 20 Photos

Space Week Celebration 2021 7 Photos

Gandhi Jayanthi Day Celebration by C V Attukal 26 Photos

International Older Day Celebration ( 1 st Octber 2021) 11 Photos

Rashtriya Poshan Maah - Lunch with Teacher & Friends 15 Photos

Thiruvananthapuram District Level Throw Ball Championship 6 Photos

Participants of "POSHAN 2.0 Quiz" (My Gov Quiz) 12 Photos

Participants of Prime Minister's 'Mann ki baath' (My Gov Quiz) 15 Photos

River's Day by KG Section 13 Photos

Maths Storytelling Day Celebration 5 Photos

Purple Colour Day Celebration by UKG Section 13 Photos

KG Green day Celebration. 11 Photos

World Rhino Day by KG Kids 11 Photos

Dist.level best Cub, Bulbul, Bunny Unit Award Winners 1 Photos

KG Grandparents Day 19 Photos


Chin Excellence 19 Photos

E-Certificate : Cyber Security 5 Photos

Chief Sevak's Meeting 23 Photos

Janmashtami Celebration 20 Photos

National Sports Day 12 Photos

E-Certificate : Story Telling as Pedagogy 11 Photos


Sravanapolima 37 Photos

blank 28 Photos

History to Canvas 1 Photos


SYNERGY 2021 15 Photos


Pink Colour Day 12 Photos

ARADHANA DAY 2021 12 Photos

Ramayana Parayanam by KG 9 Photos

Gurupoornima by KG 22 Photos

Kargil Vijay Diwas 14 Photos

Guru Poornima 2021 35 Photos

Vidya Vriti - Series 2 15 Photos

Satsang by Swami Abhayanadajii 11 Photos

Offline NLP Training For Teachers 12 Photos

Guru Poornima Celebrations 13 Photos

PI Approximation Day 11 Photos

Crescendo 2021 17 Photos

Red Colour Day 8 Photos

World Population Day 15 Photos

Inauguration of Balavihar class 19 Photos

Orient A Parent 11 Photos

SEED - Online Painting Exhibition 2 Photos

Fit India Quiz 5 Photos

Classes by Wellness Teacher 18 Photos

Road To Tokyo 2020 Quiz 3 Photos

Young Warrior 1 Photos

Moments of pride for Aishwarya as PM approves and grants her solicitation 2 Photos

Champion Of The Universe 8 Photos

Merit Certificate X and XII 2 Photos

Board of Management meeting 6 Photos

Doctor's Day 28 Photos

Chyk Inauguration 10 Photos

Tau Day 7 Photos

Anti Narcotics Day 13 Photos

International Olympic Day 16 Photos

International Yoga Day 26 Photos

World Music Day 22 Photos

Father's Day 16 Photos

Spring Blossoms 2 Photos

National Reading Day 23 Photos

"MISSION THINK" - #Stop Cyber Bullying Day 7 Photos

Inspiring Teachers Through Self-Leadership 11 Photos

CHIN AURORA -Online Painting Competition 39 Photos

Skill Development In Early Childhood Years 6 Photos

Environmental Day Celebration 13 Photos

Career Guidance 16 Photos

Global Day of Parents 9 Photos

Chin Akshar E Magazine 8 Photos

Opportunities dont happen, you create them 11 Photos

NLP Training 7 Photos

Year Plan Preparation Meeting 6 Photos

Parents Meeting 6 Photos

PRAVESANOLSAV 2021-22 16 Photos

World Biodiversity Day 8 Photos

Covid protocol training session 10 Photos


Chief Sevak's meeting with the HODs' 5 Photos

Cyber Crime Awareness for Parents 21 Photos

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