Pre-primary Curriculum

Pre primary Curriculum  is a platform of fun and fact , empowering kids with 21st century skills Fascinating audio-visuals, simulations, hands-on activities and more make it live and engaging .Every kind of learner develops a lifelong love for learning. Carefully-crafted content  finds curious learners and make them eager to explore more. Beautiful and enjoyable content in the books is sure to make the subject interesting. The textbook series comprise of core instructional books which are divided into A and B to reduce physical burden on students. Book C is a learners’ companion book with ample practice exercises compliant with Bloom’s taxonomy which assesses the child’s comprehension through new exercises and fun activities that remove repetitiveness from homework. The content of textbooks is thematically integrated and observes a logical flow. The learners are gradually introduced to the lesson followed by exercises to test their knowledge and finally revision to strengthen the concepts learnt.

 Formative and summative assessments along with answer keys and assessment rubrics accompany every chapter.Every chapter comes with a range of suggested activities along with step-wise instructions and clearly mentioned skills. The assessments include: formal tests, integrated assessments, hands-on activities and a testing pattern which evaluates learners’ learning outcomes in relation to the goals set for them. The learning outcomes are indicated for every exercise which set teaching and learning standards.

The children become natural learners , learning how to learn in an enjoyable way in connection with the surroundings an situations . Children pick up from his or her own surrounding  and   be  a true  seeker of knowledge.