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Computer Lab

Vidyalaya Boast of two well equiped IT Labs: for junior & senior sections that can accomadate 40 students

Biology Lab

The Biology is a spacious and well equiped laboratory with all the equipments that are required for conducting all the experiments for the benefits of the students.At a given point the lab has the facility to accomadate a minimum of 30 students.Permanent slides,Preserved specimen,Stuffed specimen,Compound microscope,Charts etc are provided in the laboratory for the benefit of the students.

Chemistry Laboratory

The Chemistry laboratory is a scientifically advanced lab which has the capacity to accommodate more than 40 students at a time. It meets the challenges of modern day infrastructure and safety requirements. The students can perform experiments with precision in this spacious lab, where ample stock of reagents and chemicals are made available.

Physics Laboratory

The Vidyalaya has a Physics Lab with all the necessary instruments required for both the Secondary and Senior Secondary sections. Our lab can be utilized by more than 30 students at a time. The Lab provides for all equipments as required under the affiliation rules.

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