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What you have is all His Gift to you.What you do with what you have is your Gift to Him ...

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Our Staff


Lekshmi M.S MSc BEd(SET)



Usha Kumari K S MSc., BEd., BLiSc

Vice Principal

Teaching Staff

Preetha P C    HOD English M A, B.Ed,SET
Saritha M    English M A, B.Ed,SET
Malathy Shanmuga Sundari    English M A, B.Ed,M Phil
Dhanya D J    English M A, B.Ed
Abhilash G S    English M A, B.Ed,M Phil
Divya T K    English M A, B.Ed,M Phil
Mahitha    English M.A,B.Ed
Deepika    English M.A,B.Ed
Divya D V    English M.A,B.Ed
Rema Kumari G    HOD Malayalam M A,B.Ed(Skt),M.A (Mal)
Usha Rani    Malayalam M.A,PhD,NET,SET
Awathy S Devi    Malayalam M.A, B.Ed,NET
Priya S    Malayalam M.A, B.Ed,NET
Beena S    Malayalam M.A, B.Ed,SET
Anil Kumar T P    Sanskrit M.A, B.Ed,SET
Lathika Kumari D    Sanskrit M.A, B.Ed,PhD
Latha R    Tamil M.A,M.Phil ,B.Ed
Gayathri V    Tamil M.A,B.Ed
Suma    HOD Hindi M.A, B.Ed
Deepa Sreedevi    Hindi M.A, B.Ed
Archana Vijayan    Hindi M.A, B.Ed
Beena Krishna B R    Hindi M.A, B.Ed,SET
Rajalekshmi    Hindi M.A, B.Ed,SET
Sheela S    HOD Science M.Sc, B.Ed
Vijayalekshmi S    Science M.A,B.Ed
Vijaya Kumari P I    Science M.Sc, B.Ed
Padmaja V P    Science M.A, B.Ed,SET
Prabha Nair    Science B.Sc,B.Ed
Suja R    Science M.Sc,B.Ed
Jayasree S    Science B.Sc,B.Ed
Deepa M S    Science M.Sc,B.Ed,SET
Ramathilagam    Science M.Sc,B.Ed,SET
Sajina    Science M.Sc,B.Ed,SET
Gayathri V    Science M.Sc,B.Ed
Soumya G M    Science M.Sc,B.Ed,SET
Namitha    Science M.Sc,B.Ed
Saranya Bose    Science M.Sc,B.Ed
Manju A K    HOD Mathematics M.Sc,B.Ed
Sumithra P K    Mathematics M.Sc,B.Ed
Jaya I    Mathematics B.Sc,B.Ed
Velammal    Mathematics M.Sc,B.Ed,M Phil
Sunitha Divakar    Mathematics M.Sc,B.Ed,SET
Asha V V    Mathematics M.Sc,B.Ed
Rajasree I    Mathematics M.Sc,B.Ed
Viji S R    Mathematics M.Sc,B.Ed,PGDCA
Geetha B    Mathematics M.Sc ,Bed
Resmi K Nair    Mathematics M.Sc ,Bed
Kavya Ravindran    HOD Computer Science M.Sc.Computer Science
Soumya S Surendran    Computer Science M C A
Deepthi K S    Computer Science M.Sc.Computer Science
Annie Mol    Computer Science M.Sc.Computer Science
Deepa V S    Computer Science MCA
Veena V S    Computer Science MSc IT & E-commerce
Arunachalam    HOD Social Science M.A,B.Ed
Asa Rani    Social Science B.A,B.Ed
Sunitha P    Social Science M.Sc,B.Ed,SET
Sreejitha L P    Social Science M.Sc,B.Ed,SET
Pritha V    Social Science M.Sc,B.Ed,SET
Manju    Social Science M.A,B.Ed
Abhidhanya    Social Science M.A,B.Ed,M.Phil
Anu Chithra    Commerce M.Com,B.Ed,SET
Nimmi Chandran    Commerce M.Com,B.Ed,SET
Archana S A    P E VHSE,B PE-PT
Ramesh Lal    P E Phy-Edn-Diploma-PT
Sreeja    Librarian M Lis
Dhanooja    Librarian M Lis
Lekshmi Subha    Music M A-Music
Meera    Dance Diploma in Dance
Sona Mol    Art Diploma in Fine Arts
Anu    Art MFA in sulpture
Ajitha B Pillai    K G-Teachers Ajitha B Pillai
Kavitha K R    K G-Teachers M.A,Pre-primary
Mini M S    K G-Teachers B.Sc,B.Ed,PPTTC
Manjusha    K G-Teachers BA,PPTTC,CTTC
Reshmi R P    K G-Teachers MA,HDCM
Jaya S    K G-Teachers B.Com,PPTTC
Vinu G Nair    K G-Teachers BA,PPTTC,CTTC
Beena S    K G-Teachers BA,B.Ed,MBA,PPTTC
Rema S    K G-Teachers BA,PPTTC
Smitha D S    K G-Teachers B.Com,MTPC
Anjana B    K G-Teachers BA,PPTTC
Praseetha    K G-Teachers BA,PPTTC
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