Student Council

“Student council speaks a lot more about itself rather than just being a group of people, it showcases its unity, cooperation, coordination, and strengths to the world.”

Our School Council, which changes every year, has always been vibrant sets of students selected through a process of an election and later followed up by an interview. They share their interests, express their opinions and mark a change in the perspective of our school time for the other students. The feedback offered by the students and parents alike about the school council is the sense of ambition, and the awareness of the stronger feeling of membership in the school.

All the members are equally welcome to try out for the school council. It creates a sense of self-learning and enables them to better manage their own learning. The school has always been proud of all the batches of school council leaders who have come forward as great leaders, who are positive about their competence in organisation and leadership skills.

Even during the pandemic period, we have conducted online elections, interviews for selecting our new brilliant set of school council leaders, who have, like their predecessors, fulfilled their legacy and are setting the path for the new leaders.

Our vibrant team includes the head boy, head girl, assistant headboy and headgirl, sports secretary, arts secretary, sports secretary and various house captains and executive posts.

We also are very elated to present a small other group of people in the council, who are the ambassadors of CVP(Chinmaya Vision Programme) as well as swacch Vidyalaya leaders., who help in the running of the programs smoothly throughout.