‘In all adversities there is always in its depth, a treasure of spiritual blessings secretly hidden.’


Established in the year 1982, the foundation stone being led by Swami Dayanandaji on 29th May, 1981,Chinmaya Vidyalaya Attukal stands a testimony to the ever – increasing number of pupils passing through its threshold, fit to face the growing challenges of the current world. The institution plays significant role in attaining the present level amidst intrepid challenges and it has been striving hard to provide a free and open environment for impetus learning to all its students.

          We were always walking before time, as we are led by the lamp of supreme knowledge lit by the Master of modern age – Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda. It’s His vision packed with generations of phenomenal actions of our stalwarts of our management that transformed us to a hub of knowledge coupled with values and ideals  transforming us into humble  spirits in the service of life learning education.

       It has been 32 years since the inception of our Vidyalaya affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education. A significant progress has been ensured in providing educational opportunities to all the students which is strongly evident from the hardcore efforts taken by both teachers as well as students that lead to both miniscule and substantial victories. Our faculty is richly qualified enough to handle all classes and religiously undergo refresher training programmes all through the professional periods enriching professional skills under any changing times. Quality education thus we sow has reaped quantitative results making us proud about National meritorious achievements.

At a time when virtual reality has nearly nudged physical reality out of our physical reckoning in the first half of the crucial pandemic, the second half of our students’ life is fully concerned with securing great results. Hybrid classes in our Vidyalaya started flourishing in the past two years ever since the break out of the incessant pandemic. It is a learning environment where the educators teach a combination of in-person and remote students by keeping in view that an exquisite hybrid classroom requires the right mindset, classroom set up and access to the necessary tech tools. To cite a villain, was a microscopic virus that gripped the world down. We did not lose our grip. We had a firm grip of our system including all our stakeholders, without minimizing any of our activities. Each home was our classroom. We opened our digital classrooms in around 1800 houses and each class had a teacher. Innovative ways followed and kept our children joyful and  engaged during distressing times. Nothing could stop us from our profound endeavors.

The NEP 2020 has new as well as conventional interesting ideas on school education but execution would call for a change in mindsets to broaden horizons. Henceforth ,the highly skilled teachers of our Vidyalaya are trained to meet the current needs of the education system as the primary objective is to bring about a harmonious blending between the accustomed and progressive methods of education aiming at the  comprehensive development of students.

 Here we stand up for four languages – universal and classical. Sanskrit thrives in our classrooms. Tamil has a revered perch in our syllabus. Hindi speaks smartly along with Malayalam and Universal Language , English is the language of the campus.

‘ There is no lockdown to learning in a Karadipath classroom.’

Karadipath , the social innovation enterprise creates an English environment for KG and classes 1- 5 ,making  language learning easy, enjoyable, effective and accessible to all. The teachers are equipped with high-quality printed and audio-visual content and detailed manuals on classroom delivery.

“Be Prepared… the meaning of the motto is that a scout must prepare himself by previous thinking out and practicing how to act on any accident or emergency so that he is never taken by surprise.” The Scouts and Guides mission play an authentic role in building a self- sustained society. We rightly value the development of our youngsters as responsible Indians. They are taught various skills to improve their lifestyle and make themselves stronger.

 Our alumni are our megaphone, ambassadors and spokespersons of what we are. Be it in the seat of a Civil Servant, as administrative head, as an officer in charge of a section, in sports, arts, medical, engineering, military, defense, fields to a skilled laborer, we have been staying active through what they are and what they do.

Transportation is at ease as we have a team of experienced members of transport staff who devotedly pick up your children from various destinations across the city.

We are a part of Digital India, hassle free fee collection, on online payment mode. We have  to our credit, the digital academic progress reports accessible to parents using individual log in credentials.

Our communication system is alert and prompt as we reach out to each parent on a daily basis. Visits by parents are never a hindrance for us. We consider our parents as a key part of the holistic development of our kids.

‘Acquiring human values is a colossal task’. The spiritual ambience in our Vidyalaya  helps in promoting the children to be brilliantly woven into an intricate pattern of selfless love and are encouraged to become perfect ambassadors of hope, resilience and joy!

‘Actions do not cling to me (Lord Krishna) because I am not attached to their results. Those who understand this and practice it, live in freedom.’

In order to deepen and strengthen the religious roots, not only the students but also the parents are given Gita and Sanskrit classes, who showcase excellent and exceptional rapport by cooperating well, as the sessions give concise and comprehensive tools for implementing spiritual wisdom in everyday life.

          Seva is a cult in our Vidyalaya. Chinmaya Vision Program is unique that keeps us agile and fresh each day… each moment. Let us foster brave boys and girls walking hand in hand achieving their full potential, experienced in life skills and be the manager of their own, looking at the world with a smile – graduated from a Vidyalaya with the glory “A SCHOOL WITH A DIFFERENCE.”